Meet the Mercer’s

We are the Mercer’s!

Dan, Lori and 4 amazing and crazy kiddos.

We’ve “made it” by American standards.  Living in the ‘burbs.  Vacationing on the beach.  But at the expense of selling our souls to the corporate world.  Ick!  When is there time to enjoy your kids and your family?   And to break the ugly cycle of the mortgage meltdown?

And if you really get to the core of our hearts, you’ll find that we’d give away EVERYTHING to go on mission and make the world a better place.

But here we are on this path that has been certainly ordained by God.   Dan is a Firefighter and Lori works in IT but their passion (aside from their marriage and family) is at where the mission is to Strengthen Marriages and Encourage Fire Wives.

Blessings to you on this day,

Dan & Lori