2 Traits You Will Find in every Happy Working Mom

People ask me all the time how I do it all. I have 4 kids (age 7 and under), I am a Heritage Maker and I also work a full time job aside from Heritage Makers. I have a career position in technology and business management with a wonderful company that I have been with for nearly 15 years. With this career, I get to travel the world and lead large teams of people. Despite all these roles, I was able to work the Heritage Makers business on the side and achieve my goal of director even faster than I had anticipated. This month is my 9th month as a Heritage Maker and I just achieved director (thanks to the equally amazing efforts of my team!)

I’m not sharing all of this to boast or brag. In fact, I’m trying to figure out how to share it in the most inspiring and empowering way possible. There is power in example. Power in seeing and knowing that your dreams are achievable. What I hope you see and understand from me is that I am your typical working mom from the Midwest. A girl who grew up in small town America, the daughter of a high school math teacher and quiet, obedient stay at home mother who was a product of the 1950′s catholic schools. A young woman who went off to the local state university and now lives an almost non-descript life in “anytown suburbia”. Yet I feel I am abundantly blessed and have found true happiness in being able to ‘have it all’. To be a mother and wife and have a career. To not have to sacrifice being a soccer mom, classroom volunteer or help with the boyscout pack in order to be in business and use these other talents that God has blessed me with. Yes, I feel I have discovered some of the many keys to leading a successful and happy life and I am compelled strongly to share this with others.

There are so many places to begin sharing on this topic so this week I will start with an overview of what have been a couple of the keys to my success: Passion and Productivity.

Do you know what you are passionate about? When is the last time you got up in the morning and said “I can’t wait to do what I’m going to do today”? What makes your heart race and gives you warm fuzzies inside? For what do you get so excited that you have to pick up the phone and call your mom, sister, brother, best friend? Sometimes as a parent, we get so focused on raising children that we forget there is also a ‘me’ and something that I love to do. And more importantly, something I need to do to recharge my batteries as an adult and ultimately be a better parent. Is it a sport? Running, walking, yoga, volleyball, mountain biking? Is it reading fictional stories or watching movies? Is it cooking? Is it scrapbooking – either traditional or digital? Is it photography or writing? If there was one thing you could do in your life and there was a way to make money doing it, what would it be?

For me, I have a passion to take new technologies and bring them easily and effectively to the people who need them. Whether its an easy way to preserve your stories and digital scrapbook as with Heritage Makers or finding the latest new software development technique that will allow my team to produce better quality software, I am passionate about doing this. It is uniquely me and part of my genetic make up. If I stray away from this in one area, I pick it up in another. From setting up and programming a new TV to designing my own family website. It always creeps into my life. It is a passion.

Productivity. No matter how passionate we are and how sure we are of our life purpose, we still must plan and be productive to make it happen. Sure you could just go with the flow and do it when there’s time but when is there ever time?? We have to be intentional about fulfilling our purposes in life. There needs to be discipline, processes and planning. I didn’t just make director without hard work and a plan. I knew I had limited time due to my job and my 4 children (well, 3 at the time I started. Yes, I even gave birth during these past 9 months as a Heritage Maker!). So I had to choose to focus on the most impactful activities that would help me achieve my goals. And I had to do them at times that would not take away from my family or my job. That meant late evenings on the computer after the kids went to bed nearly every single night. It also meant sacrificing some lunch hours to meet with clients and potential consultants. Much more to come on productivity. This is certainly a big reason I can do what I do. By spending my time in a focused and effective manner. And getting rid of those time wasters!

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