At the park, I decided I would blog again.

It’s that simple.  I turn 39 next month.  Too much time is spent rolling ideas and what ifs around my over intellectualizing mind.  It’s time to just do it.

It won’t be perfect.

It won’t be anything I picture in my head.

But too often I hear “you should share that” when I come across something cool, helpful or awe inspiring.   Why not simply share?
So that is what this is about.  HowWeCanGIVEitAll.   (I will get back to my new blog name later but in a nutshell, life is about giving, not having.)

My plan to keep it simple?  I rarely go anywhere without a device in my hands.  A blog post can be scratched out anywhere.
One word.
Two pictures.
A 5 part novel.
That’s me and that’s what you can expect.
Randomly applying what fits the moment.   Parenting, Marriage, Technology, Working Moms, Artsy Crafty, Sporty Fitness, Religion and Politics (yes, I’ll go there), Organization, Deals, Steals and Recommendations.   Global topics.  Poverty. Starving children.  Social Injustice.  All in the name of giving more and more of ourselves to make this world a better place.

This is not a rash decision.  I have struggled heavily with a purpose for my blog.  Who wants to hear me?  Why ME?  I don’t want to be prideful or arrogant or appear like I am in the know because I am so not.
And I don’t want to just fill the web world with more worthless info.   DON’T LET ME!   Will it make money?  Should it make money?   I am SO not a writer, nor a people person.  I’m a problem solving, crazy creative analytical engineer.    This ought to be interesting.

I’m turning that all over to God (ok, so I reached it gently in his direction but I still have a tight grip) and trying to be obedient now so that this does not become a sin by what I have left undone.

So here I am.  Back to blog.  And it only took 5 glorious end of summer minutes on a park bench watching my kids play.   (Ironically I look like that out of touch mother with her head in her phone….see? NOT perfect!)


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