How do you start your day?

Think about it. When you hear that alarm clock, what goes through your head? Maybe not the first instant because if you’re like me, it takes a few minutes to clear the fog. But once I realize its the alarm clock and not some facet of a dream I can’t recall, my mind first thinks – What is today? What do I have to do? Is it a work day? Is there something fun? Something scary? Something that worries me?

Then I feel my warm sheets and blankets, give it a good stretch, rub my eyes and peak at the amount (or lack of) sunshine coming through my shades and just enjoy that moment of peace and comfort before I heave myself into the day.

For me, its the shower that gets me engaged. I think through all that I have to do. All the people I will interact with. The important decisions that need to be made. The time I need to carve out for important tasks. What my children need from me today. What my husband is doing that day. And anyone else who comes to my mind and my heart. I take those signs as someone who needs some prayer that day. Maybe it was someone I met with the previous day who seemed unhappy and stressed. Maybe its a stranger I don’t even know whom I saw yelling at her child in the grocery. Maybe its my grandma or another relative or friend whom is sick. Maybe its my babysitter whom is a saint for spending her days entertaining the kids while I go to work.

Some mornings I have an audience outside the shower waiting for me. My 8 or 5 or 3 year old wakes up and sits on the floor half asleep listening to the drone of the water. And on really crazy mornings, its one of them playing with the baby on the bathroom floor as I race through a shower with one eye on them at all times.

By the time I’m at the end of my shower, I always hear a song in my heart. Typically its a worship song. And I never try to think of a particular song. Something just comes to me. And when it does, that’s what I know I should pay attention to that day. “Jesus be the center. Be my hope. Be my guide.” “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.” “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, be pleasing to you oh God.” “We stand and lift up our hands. For the joy of the Lord is our strength.” “My chains are gone. I’ve been set free. My God my Savior, has ransomed me.”

Then, as I finish my morning routine with hair, make up, etc, sometimes I even feel called to kneel down and humble myself before God and pray for grace because I am not worthy of all that He has given to me.

This is not always how I started my day. I didn’t even do a ’21 days to a new habit’ routine to get here. This daily ritual evolved as I grew as a person and realized that I can’t handle it all myself. That rushing into my day by myself is stressful and overwhelming. That I owe everything I have to God and without his intervention, I will not be able to proceed. It’s an evolution that has brought me more peace and tranquility and fullness of joy than I can even describe. Those who feel it themselves know what I’m talking about.

The routine isn’t identical for everyone. Some people respond quicker or slower in their morning routing. Some of us need a cup of coffee before the juices start flowing. Some of us need until lunch Some of us read something inspiring. Some of us exercise. Whatever your routine is, do you start your day in a positive, energizing way?

If this is not how you start your day, I challenge you to ask yourself why not. If you get out of bed with dread and regret and no energy. And only negative thoughts come to mind. Re-think it. Be cognizant of your thoughts. What gets in your way? Work a little each day to move it out of your mind and you too will be set free.

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