My Favorite Time of Year

I love this time of year!!!! We just enjoyed wonderful family memories celebrating Christmas together. The anxietous anticipation of preparing for the Holidays is past. No one noticed or cared that big brother got 1 more gift to unwrap than little sister nor that you neglected to hand design table centerpieces from Martha Stewart’s latest idea book. All the little stressors of pre-Christmas are over. Now……it’s on to planning for a new year!

Best of all, I can do it on my own schedule without feeling obligated to call in to work because everyone else is on break too! Out with the old, stale, broken, used and abused. In with the new, clean, organized, focused and inspiring.

Here’s a list of things I’m “having fun with” this blissful week (seriously….when you love life, it doesn’t feel like work!)

  • Clean out my email!!!! Yes, there are over 3000 in my personal email account right now. And my corporate job email account only allows 200 MB and auto deletes after 60 days. Let’s just say I ‘manage from the top’. The top 2 days worth of email in my box that is
  • Financial Planning – do the gut check on where we are for 2007 taxes and decide on any end of year tax deductible donations
  • Clean off my desks! File, file, file. The best investment I made last year was a labeler and some nice file folders. Just having things organized in nice looking files makes so much difference as compared to my chicken scratch handwriting. By the way, this is a HUGE challenge for me to keep my desk clean! I’m a piler, not a filer and need things visually in front of me. Still, I feel it is important to dedicate an hour or so at the end of the year and again once a quarter so I have a fresh desk and fresh mind to work from.
  • 2008 Goal Setting - This is the biggie. What do I want to accomplish in the next year? How much time and money can I dedicate to it? What will fall off the list? More details on this to come. If you do nothing else, make sure you set your goals. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you ever get there?
  • Family Fun! The kids are out of school and this is a great time to have lots of dedicated time with my kids. We try to do some fun family activities that we don’t normally get to with school schedules. Just going out to dinner, shopping together, the movies, “paint your own pottery”, zoo lights or just hanging around the house and playing with our new Christmas presents.
  • Reflecting and Preserving Memories - I try to be sure to journal about the holidays and the past year and work on my Family Yearbook for 2007.
  • Home Projects - This time of year it is mostly organization projects. Storing away holiday decorations. Cleaning up the kids bedrooms and toy areas. Getting rid of older unwanted toys and clothes to make room for the new. Figuring out how to use those new gadgets you got for Christmas – iPods, Wiis, HDTVs
  • Date Night! My husband and I get to have at least one date night over the holidays to reflect together, plan for the new year and just enjoy some alone time after all the craziness of the holiday parties.

Now, back to uninterrupted by phone calls from work time at my newly cleaned desk

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